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Facebook Business Manager sign up steps are easy as A, B, C, D if you can adhere to the instruction given in this article. The Facebook platform has done well to let business individuals manage their business page by themselves thereby making it easy to promote/grow their business, read on to find out more.

Having this account will make it easy for you to oversee, supervise your company’s activities which include the employees’ activities too. In doing this, you will be able to know the areas at which your business in growing or failing And possibly work on it.

As a manager, you have the right to sign in to your account anytime, but you will have to follow the basic steps that we have given in this article to get started. In signing up, you will need to provide the following:

  • Your registered email address and password for login
  • Facebook Name
  • Business Email
  • Business and account name

Have it in mind that you need a personal Facebook profile account to create your business manager’s account.

While your personal Facebook profile account can be used in communicating (chat) with friends and family, your Facebook business account manager account is strictly for your business management. It is a more secure way to manage your pages and ad accounts.

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What Can I Do With A Business Manager Account?

You can do a lot if you what to succeed and take your online business to the next level.

  • Manage ad accounts
  • Manage pages
  • Manage the people that work on the pages
  • Stay updated with your business
  • Get alerts and insights about the pages

You can do all the mentioned in one place and it’s free. So if you have not created an account yet, then quickly use the steps below to create one.

How To Create Facebook Business Manager Account


  • From your browser, go to www.business.facebook.com and click on “create account” at the top right side of the page.


  • Login to your normal Facebook account by entering the login details which are your Facebook email address or phone number, password in the appropriate field, then click on Login.


  • After you have logged in, click on Create Account at the top right side of the page and enter your business and account name in the space provided for it. (This should match the public name of your business since it will be visible across Facebook).
  • Under “Your Name”, your Facebook name will be displayed already because you’ve logged in to your account. Enter your business email under “Your Business Email”(you will be receiving messages on this email concerning your FB Business).
  • Then click on Nextwww.business.facebook.com Account - Facebook Business Manager Login
  • Add your business details i.e the country, street address, city, state/province,/region, zip/postal code, and business phone number.
  • Enter your website and click on any of the Business use the account is aimed for (promote its own goods or services or provide services to other businesses.
  • Click on Submit and you will bee sent an email, go to your email and follow prompts to verify your information and gain full access to your account.

After you have finished creating your manager’s account, you can add your Facebook page(s) by using the steps given below.

How To Add A Facebook Page

  • From your manager’s dashboard, click on the “Add Page” link
  • A box will pop-up, click on Add Page again (if you don’t have a page yet, you can simply click on the create page link. You can also click on the “request access” link if you want to add someone’s page)
  • Type the name of your business in the text box while it auto-completes and then click on Add Page

To add a Facebook Ad Account, you will have to take a different step based on the fact that the steps above are for adding a Facebook page.

Adding Facebook Ad Account

  • From your FB. business manager’s dashboard, click on “Add ad Account”, then Create Account
  • Then enter your account details and click on “Create ad account”www.business.facebook.com Account - Facebook Business Manager

Note: You can add as many ad account as you want, but it should not be more than five (5).

You can manage and organize pages, facebook ads, and more just in one place. All you have to do is to follow the simple steps given above and you are good to go.

Know that there are lots of tools that Facebook itself has put in place to help the business owner grow in their businesses and as you go ahead with the platform, you will see various tools to use. again, the support services are something to write home about.

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Creating this account is completely free, so save yourself the stress and use the platform and see your business take a new turn in growth.

Meanwhile, if there is anything you want to know concerning the Facebook Business Manager, feel free to relate it without through the comment box below.


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