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Whatsapp Web QR Code sign-in is easy as A, B, C, D if you can adhere to the basics of this article. Whatsapp Web is one way to chat with family & friends in a simple form if you don’t want to do so through your phone and it will definitely need an internet connection and at the same time, a synchronization taking place.

Whatsapp is a messaging app that since it’s unveiling has helped so many people connect to send and receive messages, share documents, videos and even audio messages. With the messaging app, you can get simple, fast, secure messaging and calling for free and due to the fact that you can also do all this via the Web version on your PC makes it even more wonderful to use.

Messages you send and receive on Whatsapp are secured with end-to-end encryption which means that no third party will be able to know what or how the messages are. Trust me when I say that with Whatsapp messaging app, you can communicate anywhere in the world with anyone without barriers.

When you log in to Whatsapp web, you can be able to chat comfortably even when you are working on your computer. It is easier to type on using your keyboard especially when you are on a long chat with someone, and knowing fully well about Whatsapp Business, the web version will make it more comfortable to discuss with many customers.

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Features Of Whatsapp Web Version

There are lots of features available when it comes to using Whatsapp web and some of them has been listed below;

  • Easily Type using your Keyboard
  • View Contact information
  • Update profile picture
  • Start a new conversation
  • Search for existing conversation
  • Access media with ease
  • Download any media to the computer
  • Send Emojis, GIFs, Stickers
  • Send voice notes
  • Easily share media with loved ones, even documents, PDFs
  • View Whatsapp Status update from any of your contact
  • Select and clear multiple messages
  • Group chat and more

Whatsapp Web QR Code

It is the means through which you can sign in on the web and use your Whatsapp application on the web. When you scan the said QR code with your smartphone, the gateway opens and you gain access to your account on the web-based version.

Your smartphone scanning the code will be reading key, adding your ID, and finally, send your data to Whatsapp web. In other words, synchronization takes place between the two devices.

How To Use Whatsapp On Your Computer | Whatsapp Login Web

You will need to scan a code to access the web version of Whatsapp, and the steps below should be adhered to for a successful Whatsapp web login if you want to use Whatsapp from your computer.

  • Put On your mobile Data Connection and Open your Whatsapp App from your mobile phone
  • Then from your PC, make sure the internet is connected and go to www.web.whatsapp.com
  • Then tap on the Menu i.e the three dots at the top right side from the Whatsapp on your phone
  • Select “Whatsapp Web” and point your phone to the computer screen to scan the QR code.
  • Once successful, you will be logged in on the web.How To Login To Whatsapp Web Without Phone

Note: Throughout the time you use the Whatsapp on your computer, make sure your Mobile data connection is ON. To reduce data usage, you can connect your phone to WI-FI.

Steps To Logout Whatsapp Web After Use

This should be done especially when you logged in using another person’s computer. And in doing so, I will advise you to log out on the computer and also from your smartphone. See the steps to logout Whatsapp Web after use below.

  1. When you are done using Whatsapp on the computer, Go to Whatsapp on your phone and tap on the three dots at the top right side
  2. Then Select ”Whatsapp Web” and tap on Logout from all devices.
  3. Then you will get a message on the screen asking if you are sure you want to log out from all devices? Simply tap on “log out”How To Login To Whatsapp Web Without Phone

To log out of Whatsapp Web from the computer, simply click on the three dots otherwise know as Menu and select “log out” from the drop-down menu.

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The steps above should be taken to login to the web version of Whatsapp, and there must be that connection between your phone and the computer.

If you have any question on this web.whatsapp.com Login With Phone | Whatsapp Web QR Code Sign in, feel free to use the comment box below. Also, share this article on your social media account so that others can know about it.



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