Upgrade MTN 3G Sim To 4G LTE Online Fast and Get Free 4G Data


Upgrade MTN 3G Sim To 4G LTE Online Fast and Get Free 4G Data


For sure, everyone wants to enjoy faster downloads and speed on the internet and that is the more reason why everyone equally needs to get on the MTN 4G side of life.  In this post, we will tell you the most important thing you need to know about the 4G network and how you can enjoy it on your phone especially how to easily Upgrade MTN 3G Sim To 4G LTE Online Fast and Get Free 4G Data

LTE ( Long Term Evolution) stands for 4th generation of telecommunications that delivers very high data speed. it allows users to enjoy the superfast streaming of online videos, games and even more.  LTE is also known as 4G, and it was introduced after the 3G. Connecting to 4G is very simple and easy when you get USIM, an LTE compatible device and when you are in an area covered by 4G.

The MTN telecommunication is one of the largest telecommunication we have today with a huge number of subscribers and apart from the much better data plan experience, you enjoy when you upgrade your SIM to 4G, you also enjoy their 4G upgrade offers. The offers are available to all customers who newly upgrade their sim to 4G/LTE as well as newly activated or already using 4G/LTE sims.

Meanings Of SIM, USIM, And UMTS

To further educate you on these for a better and clearer understanding, I will tell you what each of these words means.

SIM is an abbreviation for Subscriber Identity Module used to communicate in GSM networks
USIM stands for UMTS Subscriber Identity Module which is an application for UMTS cell phones that provides the same feature as sim card
UMTS on the other hands stands for Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service. It is basically a version of 3G while LTE is based on the 4G network which is based on the global System for Mobile (GSM) communication standard.

SO quickly check below now to see how you can Upgrade MTN 3G Sim To 4G LTE Online Free with a Legit step by step procedure you will love

How To Upgrade MTN 3G Sim To 4G LTE Online

To upgrade your sim, you have to send 20- digit sim number on the back of your fresh sim card to 121 from your old sim. After your request is approved, then select 1 to confirm. Within some minutes, the new service will be activated and services on your old sim will stop. Carefully follow the steps below

  •  First of all, go to any retailer with your mobile phone with 3G sim if there is no MTN office around you
  • The person there will give you a new 4G SIM and do an SMS which is different for every mobile operator
  • In a short while, you will get a confirmation SMS and an option to cancel in case you choose to cancel the upgrade eg for IDEA 4G upgrade
  • You will be asked to reply ‘Y’ else your request for the upgrade will not be successful
  • Visit www.mtnonline.com/4G to confirm that and you must have data balance on your line
  •  You will get one or two SMS from the mobile operator whether your upgrade has been accepted or not and also, what to do next. make sure you keep reading the SMS
  •  Be mindful of your mobile phone for the SIM signal, as soon it disappears it will reappear again with a new 4G SIM.
  • In case any problem occurs, just restart your mobile and if it continues, then it’s time to use the MTN customer care by calling 180 or locating the MTN office for help.

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NOTE: Once your upgrade is successful and your sim is on 4G network, you will receive a 100% BONUS on all data purchased within the next 3 months and lots more, as well FREE 4GB.

After reading this article, there is no more reason to waste any further time to Upgrade MTN 3G Sim To 4G LTE Online and enjoy the experience as well as the 4G upgrade offers. Use the COMMENT SECTION below here to let us know if this article is helpful to you or in case of any questions or suggestions. Please also, hit the LIKE button and SHARE this post on your social media platform.


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