Steps To Quickteller Registration For Online Payments

Do you want to easily buy Airtime, Make Payments, Send and Receive Money? Then Take this Steps To Quickteller Registration if really you want to be part of the platform where you can always pay Bills and More using your ATM Card Online. With Quick teller, you need not to stress yourself anymore.

Quickteller is the easiest way to make payments, buy airtime and send money using ATM card. You get Bonus airtime when you load your phone regardless of the network.

This is why I think quickteller is the new miracle of modern technology since with it’s help, you can actually make different bank transactions even without leaving your home. Isn’t that wonderful? You can easily enable your card for international transactions and also disable it if you want.

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For you to actually enjoy these services, you need to have Interswitch enabled ATM card. These Quickteller payments are secure and safe. You can do a transaction with ATM machine, mobile app and also online.

Easy Steps To Quickteller Registration?

Below is step by step process to register on the Quicktelller platform. Just follow the steps carefully for easy and simple registration. As a new user on Quickteller, follow these steps carefully to fill a form online and summit

  • Firstly, visit this site at https://www.quickteller.com/ and then click on Sign Up on the home pageSteps To Quickteller Registration For Online Payments
  • or you can click here https://www.quickteller.com/account/register to bypass the process Steps To Quickteller Registration For Online Payments
  • Now, Fill out the form by providing the information required of you in the required space
  • Finally, click on Continue and follow up the process to be registered in this platform

NOTE: There are a security means in the form of one-time password that will be sent to the registered phone number to confirm the transaction.

And if going to do a heavy transaction, it is reasonable that you visit your bank in order to increase online spend limit of your card.

Quick Teller Activation With Verve World App

Verve world app makes it very very easy for you to add and delete cards from your quickteller account. To do this, you need to take the below steps

  • First and foremost, install and activate the app on your device
  • Login using quickteller details

How To Activate ATM  Card For Quickteller

  • Go to any ATM machine around you
  • Insert your card
  • Click on the button add a new card
  • Click on the card
  • You will receive a message to verify your card
  • Agree to the conditions and go forward
  • You  will receive another message of a successful activation
  • at this point, your card is already added to quickteller

How To Activate Atm Card For Online Payment

Before you can make any online payments or transactions, you need to activate your atm card first and for you to do that, below are the simplest steps for a quick and successful activation of your atm card.

  • Again at the ATM machine, insert your card
  • Select quickteller
  • Select pay bills
  • Choose your account type
  • Select others
  • Enter 322222 as the payment code
  • As customer reference, enter your phone number
  • Accept the 1.00 amount displayed
  • Follow prompt to complete the process of transaction

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To Credit Bank Account

  • Enter the recipient’s bank account name
  • The account number and name
  • Also, enter the phone number and account type of the recipient
  • Then go to the interswitch gateway to enter your ATM data

How To Transfer Money Using Quickteller

To verify money transfer, you have to follow the instructions below

  • The first thing is to make sure you have successfully registered your verve, visa or master card
  • From the main menu, select the menu “Transfer to bank account”
  • On that same page “TRANSFER TO BANK ACCOUNT” choose the bank and account type
  • Select the account number and the amount
  • Then click next
  • follow prompt to complete your transaction

These simple and easy steps to Quickteller Registration is all you need to get started. please feel free to SHARE this post on your social media and also use the COMMENT BOX below for any question or suggestion and we will attend to all your questions.


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