How To Retrieve My Hacked Facebook Account

Hacking Facebook account has become the most trending story on the internet now, and the hackers still work so hard every day doing what they know best to do. Have you been a victim of this and now looking for How to retrieve my hacked Facebook account? don’t worry anymore cause we’ll teach you how to do that on this post.

Do you still remember your email or mobile number, or perhaps someone helped you Sign Up your Facebook account and you have forgotten your password, we got you covered. This tutor will help you learn the right step to take.

Steps On How To Retrieve My Hacked Facebook Account

There are few steps which anyone that really want to do this will follow and Here below are the steps to use in retrieving your account.How To Retrieve My Hacked Facebook Account

STEP 1. GO To Forgot Password Below Facebook Login.

the most common way of retrieving hacked Facebook account where the password has been changed but your Facebook  Account still has your associated email address and mobile number

So first thing first, you will have to visit the official website at www.facebook.com as if you want to log in your account, then;

1. Go to Facebook forgot password option.

2. Type your email address or phone number or username in the type box and click search. Names are not generally recommended since there more than one person using the same name. Username is a unique Facebook identity that you find in your profile.

3. You should see your profile recovery with your email or phone number if there is any. Select a mobile number or email that you can access right now then click continue.

4. Check your mailbox if you choose email/mobile inbox if you choose mobile number to get the recovery code, Enter the recovery code to continue

That’s all, set your new password and get back to your Facebook account.

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STEP 2. Password Change And No Access To Associate Email

in this case, hacker changed your Facebook password and made you lost or forget  the password of your email and you don’t want to send your reset password link to the hacker’s account, just click on “no longer have access to these link?”

STEP 3. New Password/Primary email

At this point, you have to write a new email that you want to send the changed password link as well as the primary email too. Finally, you follow the next step that will be shown to you and your account will be restored back to you in 24 hour’s time.

Hope this is helpful?

I believe you now know and will stop asking for the Steps to Retrieve My Hacked Facebook Account. Please use the comment box below for any questions or comment.


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