MTN Default Share And Sell PIN: How To Activate MTN Share And Sell

MTN Default Share And Sell: How To Activate MTN Share And Sell

MTN Default Share And Sell PIN: How To Activate MTN Share And Sell


Today in this article, we will be showing you the easy and simple way to activate MTN share and sell especially MTN Default Share and sell PIN,  but then first things first. You need to first know and understand that MTN share and sell is the quickest way to share and also transfer airtime among your friends and family and you can as well make quick money too by simply transferring airtime to the other MTN users.

To further break it down, the MTN share and sell allows you to send airtime (credit) from your MTN account balance to any other MTN line if you wish to top up their account balance so that they can stay connected on air. Research shows that these are also a good number of benefits that you enjoy just for using the MTN share and sell and you will find out all about that as you read further through this post to the end.

The MTN Share And Sell default Number is known to all so, for security purposes, it is very necessary to change your default pin to something secure and unique. It will keep you secure from people who might want to still your credit since the default pin is quite easy for anyone to remember. As you scroll down the post, you will definitely find out the ways you can actually change the default pin and create a strong password.

What Is MTN Default Share And Sell PIN (Code)

A lot of people ask because they really want to know the MTN share N’ sell default pin, so if you are in the category of people that this question, you need to think or ask anymore since you are reading this post cos we have got the answer right here for you. The MTN share and sell default pin generally known to be zero into four(4) places, i.e 0000.MTN Default Share And Sell PIN: How To Activate MTN Share And Sell

Because it’s a publicly known number, it’s best you change the default pin to a secure and private pin which only you will know bur it must also be four-digit numbers and a number you can always remember.

How To Activate MTN Share And Sell

To activate the MTN Share And Sell service on your phone, all you need to do is follow these simple step below to do that, it’s as simple as ABC if you carefully follow the instructions

  • First is to change the share and sell pin from the default pin and register a new pin
  • You can register your new default pin in two ways ( either by SMS or by dialing the correct numbers)
  • You can send an SMS in this format: The default pin (0000) – your new pin – your new pin again to 777. For example, 0000 1234 1234 to 777. Your new pin to transfer will now be 1234.
  • Alternatively, the other way to do that is to activate the MTN share and sell service by dialing *600*default pin*your new pin*your new pin again#. For example, dial *600*0000*1234*1234#.

Once that the activation and new pin registration is completely successful, you will receive an SMS that your pin has been changed successfully.

NOTE THAT: If in future time, you still want to change your pin, you can use any of the formats above to do so but then you will have to place put that your old pin in place of the default pin. For example, *600*1234*new pin* new pin#

How To Make Transfer Via MTN share and sell

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Transferring credit using the MTN share and sell is also very easy and quick too using the code given here. Check it out below

  • Send an SMS in this format: Transfer – the recipient number – the amount to be transferred – your transfer pin then to 777. For example, In your SMS section, type Transfer 08034745534 1234 and then send it to 777.
  • After the SMS is sent, a message will come to you from 777 to confirm the transfer. Do so by typing YES and send it back to 777. You will receive an SMS again very shortly notifying of the successful transfer
  • Alternatively, you can dial this code: *600*reciepient phone number*amount to be transferred* Pin#. For example dial *600*08034735534*500*1234#

It is just this easy and simple once you have successfully activated the MTN share and sell pin as instructed above.

Benefits Of MTN Share N’ Sell

As I said before, by using this MTN share and sell service you enjoy some benefits and that is what you are about to find out. Check it out below

  • The service is available for all both old and new, prepaid and postpaid MTN customers
  • This service lets you transfer airtime from your own MTN number to other MTN numbers very quickly and easily
  • You can even transfer airtime as low as 50 and as high as 5,000 worth to other MTN users
  • This service saves you a lot of trouble of being stranded where and how to get airtime at an odd time
  • Your airtime transfers are always secure because of your private pin which only you know about
  • Once the transfer is successful, the amount reflects on the recipient’s account balance immediately

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