How Virgin Coconut Oil Can Be Made Easily In Simple Ways

Most people do not understand the importance and usefulness of virgin coconut oil am sure you will be glad to know that coconut oil can be used for health, skin and hair care. Virgin coconut oil can also be used in cooking for wonderfully light, flaky pastries such as scones and pie crusts. It adds a delicate vanilla flavor and is much healthier than traditional fats like lard or butter. so if you really want to find out how virgin coconut oil can be made easily and in simple ways, then relax your mind because you are in the right place.

We can not overemphasize the importance of virgin coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil has been considered taboo in the past, mostly due to the alarming fact that it is nearly 90 percent saturated fat. However, it has recently been redeemed in a health-conscious world because, unlike hydrogenated oils, it is not processed or chemically treated and therefore retains all of its healthy plant-based nutrients. Used in moderation, coconut oil could be more actively beneficial than olive oil.

So if you are from South Africa, United State, UAR, UK and others looking for the easy steps to get Coconut Oil, then check this out below.

How Virgin Coconut Oil Can Be Made Easily In Simple Ways

There are three (3) methods of making virgin coconut oil, and as you read on, you will find out the simple ways to apply the three methods. Before you can learn how to make virgin coconut oil, it is good you know the methods first. The three methods of making virgin coconut oil are as follows;

  1. Using The Cold Process Method
  2. Using The Wet Mill Method
  3. Method Of Boiling The Coconut.

Note; Use a fully developed/Matured coconut rather than a young green coconut. (a mature coconut can be recognized by its hard, dark brown husk. Coconuts that have not fully matured will be a lighter brown color. Young coconuts are small and green. A mature coconut will yield more oil than a young one.)

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METHOD 1. The Cold Process

How Virgin Coconut Oil Can Be Made Easily In Simple Ways1. Use a dry or dehydrated coconut; When you get your dry coconut, start with fresh coconut meat and cut the meat into small pieces and put it into a dehydrator to dry it for at least 24 hours.

  • You can use the oven or stove at it’s lowest temperature to dry the coconut meat, then cut into small chunks, place it on a baking sheet and cook it at a low temperature for at least 8 hours or cook until it’s completely dried.

but if you are using the coconut sold in the stores, then go for Flakes instead of shredded coconut because shredded coconut tends to clog the juicer.

2. Put in the dried coconut in small batches because when you put a lot of coconut in the juicer, it will cause it to clog. The juicer will remove the oil and the cream from the fiber. Continue processing the coconut until the flakes have been run through the juicer.

3. Process the coconut again; The juicer will not be able to extract all the oil for the first time to run the coconut flakes through it once more to make sure you get every dropout.

4. Place the coconut in a jar and store in a warm place; Wait for 24 hours for the coconut to settle at bottom of the jar, then the pure coconut oil will rise to the top.

5. spoon the oil into a new container once the oil has separated from the cream and when it is in a solid form, use a spoon to remove it from the first container. By now, your coconut oil is ready for use.

METHOD 2. The Wet Mill

How Virgin Coconut Oil Can Be Made Easily In Simple Ways1. Use a sharp cleaver to split your coconut

2. Scrape the coconut meat out of the coconut and in doing that be careful to slide it in between the meat and the shell to avoid slip and hurting your hand.

3. when you are done with the scraping then cut the coconut into small pieces or shred the coconut flesh with the scraper.

4. Put the pieces into a food processor like a blender and blend putting measurable water if necessary to help it blend until it is well shredded.

5. Filter the coconut milk; To do this, put a coffee filter or a cheesecloth over a wild mouth jar. Then wrap the cloth around the coconut mixture and squeeze the milk out into the jar. Squeeze very hard to make sure you get every drop of the milk out, repeat this process until all the coconut mixture has been used.

6. make sure you leave the jar unattended for at least 24 hours. As it sets, the coconut milk and oil will separate and a layer of curd will appear at the top of the jar.

  • Put the jar in a refrigerator so that the curd can harden more quickly if you would like it that way.
  • if you would prefer not to refrigerate it, then leave the jar in a cool room.

7. Scoop out the curd with a spoon and discard it. The pure virgin coconut oil will be left in the jar.

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METHOD 3. Boiling The Coconut

How Virgin Coconut Oil Can Be Made Easily In Simple Ways1. Heat 4  cups of water; put the water in a saucepan and place on the burner, make sure your burner is on medium high then heat up the water until it starts boiling.

2. Grate the meat of the coconut, scoop out the meat and grate it into a bowl.

3. Blend the coconut and water; Put the grated coconut in a blender. Pour the hot water over the coconut and close the lid of the blender. Hold the lid of the blender in place and puree the coconut and water into a smooth mixture.

  • Don’t fill the blender more than halfway full with hot water. If your blender is on the smaller side, blend the coconut and water in two batches. Filling the blender too high may cause the lid to fly off.
  • Hold the lid in place while you’re blending the mixture; otherwise, it could come off while you’re blending.

4. Strain the coconut oil liquid; Place a cheesecloth or a fine-mesh strainer over a bowl, pour the pureed coconut over the cloth or strainer so that the coconut oil can drip into the bowl. you can use a spatula to push the pulp and squeeze out as much liquid as possible. you could even use your hand to do this. For you to exact even more liquid, you have to pure more hot water over the pulp and squeeze it again.

5. Boil the coconut liquid; Put your saucepan on a burner or stove or even any other thing you use for cooking and make sure you turn it to a medium-high, then stir constantly till the water has evaporated from the oil and turned brown.

  • The process of boiling could take up to an hour or more so need to be patient and stir constantly.
  • But if you do not want to boil the mixture, you can allow it to separate on its own. Place the liquid in a bowl and cover, leave it in normal room temperature for about 24 hours, then put it in a refrigerator so that the oil can take a solid form and float to the top. You can then strain the oil from the liquid.

Securedbest.com has provided you with three simple ways to make virgin coconut oil and we believe you now know how virgin coconut oil can be made easily In simple Ways. Virgin coconut oil can also be applied to the hair and skin to enhance moisture levels and repair damaged cells and follicles. Examples of this are diaper rash and dry skin relief as well as insect bites. Other benefits include improved circulation, normalized thyroid function, boosted metabolism and weight loss.


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