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How To Switch Back To Classic Facebook Design On Desktop

Are you on the new version of Facebook Design on your Desktop? Well, you can simply switch to the previous Facebook design anytime after reading the basic steps to do so through this article. You can choose to go back to the classic Facebook design or continue using the new one, but you can switch whenever you want. Keep reading to know how it’s done

In what should be considered as most of the recent features added by Facebook, the new Facebook design came in at the time that the Facebook Avatar feature which many people are using to make a cartoon version of themselves to use as their profile picture and also the Facebook shop feature which business owners on Facebook are using to generate more sales now also came.

You can trust me when I say that all these features and more that are being introduced by are giving the social platform a new look and at the same time more fun for users who makes use of the platform to meet new friends and also know about the latest happenings from people’s post and more.

Most people prefer the new Facebook while others prefer the classic. The new Facebook design makes it easier for users to be able to access some features on Facebook by displaying it on the left side of the page thereby making them visible.

While this can be done, most people still prefer the classic design may be based on the familiarity and simple user interface. Though that can be achieved after some while of using the new Facebook.

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How To Switch Back To Classic Facebook Design

Follow the steps below to switch to the classic design.

  • Go to from your browser and enter your login details i.e email address and password
  • On the Facebook platform, click on the arrow (Account) at the top right side of the page
  • From the drop-down menu, click on “Switch To Classic Facebook”
  • Select why you are switching and click on Submit
  • To help Facebook make the new experience better, answer the onscreen question and click “Done”

If you still want to switch back to the new Facebook design, you can still use the steps given above and it will be done successfully.

The steps are very easy to take, just adhere to the instructions above and you will successfully be able to switch back to classic Facebook design and vice versa.

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