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How To Setup YT Dark Mode – YouTube Dark Theme Activation

As simple as it is to set up YouTube dark mode, you will need to do it from your YouTube account, and in this article, I will be showing you the basic steps to YouTube dark theme activation. With the mode, you can always reduce glare and improve night viewing whenever you want to make use of the platform.

Often times or always, we stare at the screen of our phones or computer especially when we are watching movies on youtube, and because of that, it is very much good for us to protect our eyes which is the more reason Youtube platform made it possible for users to be able to switch to dark mode in order to reduce the brightness of the screen and still maintain a quality view.

The dark theme allows you to tone down your screen’s glare and experience YouTube with a dark background. You can activate the Dark theme and watch any of your favorite movies in a dark theme.

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With the theme activated on your Youtube platform, you can reduce eye strain and enhance your viewing experience. The dark mode is becoming more popular as it is being introduced gradually by many popular websites that you can think of. For instance, the Facebook platform, Instagram, and even the well known Whatsapp now support Dark mode.

YouTube Dark Theme Activation

You can activate the dark mode from your Youtube mobile app or from your computer. All you have to do si to use the steps below and you are very much good to go.

To activate from your computer, simply adhere to the instructions below.

  1. Go to the official website of Youtube from your computer browser at
  2. Click on sign in at the top right side of the page if you aren’t signed in and enter your email address or phone number.
  3. On the next page, enter your password to access the youtube platform
  4. Click on “Appearance” and click the “Dark theme” and it will be activated successfully on your computer

To activate from the Youtube mobile app, simply follow the steps below.

  • Open the Youtube mobile app from your app drawer
  • Login to your account with your email account if you’ve not
  • At the top right side of the page, tap on your profile picture and select “Settings” from the menu
  • Next, tap on general and on the next page, by the side of Dark theme, use the slider to turn on the dark theme feature

It’s as simple as that.

Note that you can still follow the same steps you use to activate the dark theme to change it back to the normal theme whenever you want.

Do you have any questions on this Youtube Dark Theme Activation? feel free to use the comment box below. Also, share this article on your social media account so that others can know about it.


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