How To Pay EEDC Prepaid Bill Online at, Nepa, PHCN

How To Pay EEDC Prepaid Bill Online at, Nepa, PHCN

How To Pay EEDC Prepaid Bill Online at, Nepa, PHCN


How To Pay EEDC Prepaid Bill Online from the official site should seriously not be a problem to you at all as long as you know the official website which is at

We understand that questions links, How to Pay Electricity Bills Online, how to pay prepaid Nepa bill online, EEDC website for online bill payment, Pay EEDC Prepaid Nepa Bill Online, meter, Enugu Electricity Distribution Company Prepaid Bill Payment, etc as been searched for or asked in other to make payment.

Meanwhile, here in this post today, I will be making every thing so easy for you as I will be showing you here the simple step by step guide with image illustration on how you can be procced to your payment fast. But before that, you will have to check out the required details you need to proceed with your Bill Payment Online.

Requirements To Recharge your PHCN, Nepa, EEDC Prepaid Meter Online

Here are the necessary requirements you need to enable you to make your payment without stress:

  • Your Personal Computer or a Smartphone
  • An internet connection
  • Your ATM Card

As you have known the necessary requirements needed, it is important you check below for the easy steps to make your payment without visiting the bank

EEDC Website (

The Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) official site is, if you have been taking your time in reading this article, you will also find out that it have been mention as well.

On you can do things link:

Check EEDC meter application

Check for EEDC recruitment if available

Know about EEDC agent

EEDC marketers

When was EEDC founded

EEDC login

EEDC map

Proceed to EEDC prepaid meter application form

Pay EEDC Bill Online

So this and much more are what you can do or know about when you check the site.

How To Pay EEDC Prepaid Bill Online at

how to recharge EEDC prepaid meter for the first time Online should really not be a problem for you. First thing first, it is very important you know is the official site where you can proceed to make the payment.

So for those of you searching on for meter, quickly check below to see how you can proceed to Pay Enugu Electricity Distribution Company Prepaid Bill Online fast.

STEP 1. Visit the official site at

STEP 2. Once it open, then click on “Make Payment”How To Pay EEDC Prepaid Bill Online at, Nepa, PHCN

STEP 3. Note, If you are using a Mobile phone, you will be asked to log in with google account or Sign In with Facebook, so once that is done, Now you will be asked “What’s your Meter Number or Account Number”, just kindly enter that your meter number in the space provided for it and then click on search.How To Pay EEDC Prepaid Bill Online at, Nepa, PHCN

So once that is done currently, then you will also see your current bill payment details and payment option. So check down to proceed to your payment to pay prepaid nepa bill online

STEP 4. Now In your Payment option enter the amount you want to top up and phone number and then click on electricity bills online

STEP 5. Here, you will have to select your payment options, which is debit card or bank transfer, but select the “Debit card and click on Pay Now” since you want to Pay Electricity Bills Onlinepay for electricity bill online

STEP 6. Next, enter your card details just as required in other to make your payment.Pay Electricity Bills Online


Once your card is accepted for payment, then you will just successfully pay for electricity online and start enjoying light just like others.

So this is how you can quickly proceed to make your Pay Enugu Electricity Distribution Company Prepaid Nepa Bill Online, and if in case you also have other questions, then you can use the comment box below in asking just that.


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