How To Open New Gmail Account With Mobile Phone & Pc Fast

We understand that most of you also want to learn the easy step by step guide on How To Open New Gmail Account With Mobile Phone & Pc Fast which is very much good or what learning, if really you are looking forward to Applying for an Online Job or Offline, Create Social dating account like Facebook Account, Twitter Account or even to Create New Online Dating Account like POf.com Free Dating or Match.com Dating Account. But Guess What!!!

Setting Up a Gmail Account is very much Easy, Simple, Fast if only you know the right steps to follow in other to Create a new Gmail account on mobile phone or Desktop. This is why we LegitRoom.com, Have taken Out time here in this post today, to show you how it’s been done.

Meanwhile, Like you should know by know that, How to Set Up a New Gmail Account on Android Mobile Phone or PC can only be possible if only you have or meet up the required details or info needed to Create A New Gmail Account and before we can proceed in showing you these steps on How To Open New Gmail Account With Mobile Phone & Pc now, you will have to take a look at the requirements to Create Your Google Account FREE.

Requirements For New Gmail Sign Up

You really on have much to worry about because much is really not required from you rather than this following you are seeing below:

1. First thing First, A Mobile Phone or Computer with a strong Internet connection is very much needed to Create Gmail Account with Phone Number

2. You will also need Username which is going to stands as your main email – which is username @gmail.com or what you use as your username @gmail.com Eg legitroom@gmail.com or 247legitroom@gmail.com or Legit247room@gmail etc… Remember to use a word you like because that is what you will use to be logging your account once your account is created

3. Very Important, you will also need to create Password which you can use for your Gmail sign in whenever you want to Login your Account and this will be after you are done following this steps to create Gmail account that I will be showing you here.

4. Lastly, A mobile phone number is also very much needed to verify your account once you are done fill out your Gmail Registration Form.

PLEASE NOTE; If in case you are also creating other email accounts Like Yahoo Mail Address, Yandex mail Account, Proton Mail, AOL Mail among others this requirements here will also need to. So just take your time to understand them.

So, this is just the main requirement you really need to proceed to your account creation. Regardless of the browser, you are using once you are with your Mobile Phone or Computer with a strong Internet connection, then you are just very much good to go with the below steps.

How To Open New Gmail Account With Mobile Phone & Pc Fast

The first step to take when you are creating a Gmail account is visit the site @ www.gmail.com with any of the Top We Browser but we recommend you to use Mozilla or the Google Browser since you are creating Gmail Account that is own by GOOGLE.

To Create a New Gmail Account:

  1. You will click on create your account under the www.gmail.com Login Form or even Get Gmail, any one.How To Open New Gmail Account With Mobile Phone & Pc Fast
  2. When sign up form will appear or visit this like >>> https://accounts.google.com/SignUp to bypass and start filling your Gmail New Account Form; enter your personal information which includes Name, Username, Password etc…How To Open New Gmail Account With Mobile Phone & Pc Fast
  3.  After you enter your password will also have to confirm your password and click on save.
  4. Enter your phone number and click next, you will receive a code from Google to verify the New G-Mail Account you are creating.
  5. So enter the code and click next.
  6. Next is to set up your account just the way you want


This is how it’s been done (Gmail New Account Sign Up with Mobile Phone and PC). Now you can proceed to use you’re the New Gmail ID you have created to sign in G-email.

Just in case you are also part of those who will like to ask for the Guide For Gmail Sign In or Gmail Login, then worry no more and check it out below, I mean How To Login Gmail New Account

www.Gmail.com Login Steps

Believe me when I say that this is just as simple as counting  1 2 3 4 5 once you have created your Gmail account and you then have your Login Id. However, follow this below steps to Sign In Gmail account

1. Visit www.gmail.com

2. Then enter your Username and click on Next

3. Also, enter your Password and then click on Sign In

This is how you sign in your Account when every you want to sign In your Gmail Account.

I guess you will no longer ask or search for How To Open New Gmail Account With Mobile Phone & Pc Fast or How to sign In Gmail Account? Now regardless of what your answer might me, Please check this below now…

For any more problem, Question, Opinion or recommendation; please use the comment box below in letting us know of that. also, you can use the share Icon button below to share to your friends n your social networking Account. Thanks


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