How To Create New Facebook Account Without Complications

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks used worldwide. If you are of age and do not have a Facebook account yet, you are really missing out a lot. What you need to learn about How To Create New Facebook Account is the correct information on how to do that which we, LegitRoom.com brings to you on this very post.

Facebook connects you online with people around the world any time and anywhere there is network coverage, especially with the people around you both from your past and your present. That is one of the reasons why it is advised that you enter correct information about you during registration.


which you must take in order to meet up with the required information and do you know what? this registration is totally free. Below are the required information;

Required Information For Facebook Account Sign Up / Registration

This required information is for you to enter your personal details and you must enter all the information correctly before you can proceed.

NOTE: You must be up to 13 years of age before you can Open Free Facebook account.

  • first of all, you will visit Facebook home page @ www.facebook.com
  • your name (first and last name)
  • your valid email address or mobile number
  • your date of birth
  • your gender (male or female)
  • and then your password.

Features Of New FB Account

There are so many features on Facebook that will make you enjoy the social network as much as you want, and some of the features are listed below but before you can enjoy these and many more other features, you need to Learn How to Create New Facebook Account of your own, which I will be showing you today.

  • Profile – Where you can tell people who you are and what is going on in your life. You can also choose what you want to share on your profile like photos, interest, videos or even your personal information.
  • Newsfeed – Here, there is a list of updates from friends, pages, group, and events. People can like or comment on what they see. (news feed was introduced to Facebook by September 2006)
  • Groups -So many Facebook users all over the world use Facebook groups every month because it gives people a private space to share with a mall group of people like family, teammates, or very good friends. It can also be customized for each group (introduced September 2004)
  • Messenger – This is a mobile messaging app that enables you to reach people instantly on your phone. Messenger gives you access to send private messages and stickers, chat with groups and make free calls even across the country (introduced August 2011). This app is available on Android, iOS and also windows phone.
  • Events – Facebook events, is an avenue for people to organize gatherings, manage invitations and send notifications and reminders to their friends, and you could even invite friends to any event.
  • Photos With photos on Facebook, you can upload an unlimited number of high solution photos, create albums and choose their audience. You can easily add details like captain and location. Tagging helps friends to identify the person(s) in a photo and automatically share that very content with them(Introduced September 2005).
  •  Videos – Video is one of Facebook features most people use because it is a very engaging way to tell your story on news feed. Every day, more people than ever are sharing, discovering and engaging in videos that they care about.
  • Pages – Pages are public profiles where public figures, artist, organizations, and business create a presence on Facebook and connect with the Facebook community. The moment one likes a page, the person automatically starts seeing updates from that page on the news feed and when the activity is shared, it increases the page’s exposure and reaches (Introduced November 2007)
  • SEARCH Here, you can type, search for, find and connect with people you may or may not know both your new and old friends. You can also search and find the photos and post that your friends have shared with you. This was introduced in November 2007.
  •  Instagram – Instagram makes it very easy for you to capture what is happening in your world and share those moments instantly with your friends and family. It could be video or photo, Instagram inspires people to go on the adventure, Explore and see the world differently(Launched in October 2010).

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                     Steps On How To Create New Facebook Account

with the requirements listed above, you can take the steps below to Sign Up new personal Facebook account;

  • When you are already on Facebook home page www.Facebook.com
  • Enter your first and surname
  • Your mobile number or email address if you have one
  • Enter the password and make sure you use the password you can always remember
  • Choose a day, month and year of your birth
  • Select your gender
  • And then tap/ click on Sign Up or Create an Account.
  • At this point, you need to confirm your mobile number or email to complete the process of creating an account.

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Is this post helpful to you? If you have learned something from this post, please don’t hesitate to use the comment box below for any question on how to create new Facebook account. We are always here to answer your questions thanks.


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