How To Create Event On Facebook – Create Event On Facebook App

How do I Create Event on Facebook App? Create an event on Facebook Page? Create Event In Facebook Page? How to Make Event On Facebook? and more has really been one question most people really want to know about, and this is why I will be showing you here How To Create Event On Facebook.

To Create Event In Facebook is just very simple, but first thing first, you will have to understand first that there are two kinds of you can create which is Private Facebook Event and Public Facebook Event.

Like you may know that Facebook event is a calendar that is used to alert or inform other users on the platform for upcoming occasions (EVENT)How To Create Event On Facebook

The Facebook platform lets anyone create an event as long as you have an account on Facebook. and one this is created you can as well invite friends, family, groups, pages, and even fans to an event

Way To Use FACEBOOK EVENT for Your Page, App, And FB Profile

For business owners and marketers on Facebook, Creating Event On Facebook is very important for you because it helps you advertise your business and spread information about it.

However, below are the other ways you can use the event features for your products on the Facebook platform.

  • Invite the individuals you want as customers at the event.
  • And also updates your customers about a new brand coming up.
  • You can use keywords for tags.
  • People can post on your event.
  • Always post a good and enticing photo that the users can easily relate with.
  • Make sure you write an understandable description.
  • You too can pin a post on the event wall.
  • Run Facebook ads in order to promote the event you are creating or created.
  • These are some ways the event feature can promote your brands on Facebook.

The Listed out above are some ways that you use the event for your brands. So without taking much of the time here again check below to see How To Create Event On FB Account

How To Create Event On Facebook

As long as you know the even you want to create then trust me when I say that is just very simple and easy. However, you can create private and public events with these below guides.

Public Facebook Event;

To create a public FB Event follow the below steps.

STEP 1. Once you log in your Facebook Account, From your news feed, click on “Events” on the left side.

STEP 2. Click on + Create Event on the left side.

STEP 3. Click on “Create Public Event”. It would be visible to anyone to see and search for it.

STEP 4. Fill in the event name, date, location, time and description.

STEP 5. Type and select keywords about the event, so it would be better recommended to those interested in it.

STEP 6. Select who can edit and post in the event and hit on “Create”.

Private Facebook Event;

To create Private FB Event follow the below steps.

STEP 1. Once you log in your Facebook Account, From your news feed, click on “Events” on the left side.

STEP 2. Click on + Create Event on the left side.

STEP 3.  Then click on “Create Private Event”. In this option, only invited guests would be able to see the event.

STEP 4.  Type in the Event name, location, date, time and description.
Lastly, click on “Create”.

NOTE: Once an event has been created, you won’t be able to change it again, rather you would be directed to the event where you can actually invite quests, add a cover photo or videos, upload photos, etc.

How To Create Event On Facebook App

Trust me when I say that, to create an event on the Facebook app should really not be a problem for you at all again after seeing this above guide to create private and public events.

However, if you what to proceed to create an FB event using Facebook App, then you will have to first open your Facebook app and then login. Once you are logged in, then you can proceed to start creating your event with the above process.

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How to Edit Created Event on Facebook

To edit your event in other to add or remove somethings is also very simple and easy with this below guide.

STEP 1. Once you log in your Facebook Account, From your Newsfeed, click on “Events” in the left menu.

STEP 2. Select the Event you’d like to edit.

STEP 3. Click on “Edit” below the title.

STEP 4. Then change the event name, location, time, description or the co-hosts.

STEP 5. Finally, click on “Save” once you’re done.

So that is all. With these above steps, you can create event on Facebook app, create event on Facebook page, make event on Facebook, or create event on Facebook.


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