How To Contact DStv Service | DStv Nigeria Customer Care Line

How To Contact DStv Service | DStv Nigeria Customer Care Line

How To Contact DStv Service | DStv Nigeria Customer Care Line


When you know the various ways to reach the DStv Nigeria Customer care line, then it will be very easy for you to resolve issues or get information concerning anything on the platform. In this article, I will be showing you the various platforms through which you can contact DStv customer service with ease.

Do you need help managing your DStv account? well, I must say that the best way to get it is when you contact the platform itself. And trust me when I say you will get a positive response as the DStv customer service is there to always attend to you every day (24/7).

DStv is very much happy to help it’s Nigeria customer anytime the need arises as it has become a household name in the country (DStv). There is hardly a house you go to that you won’t see them using that DStv service, and because of that, the platform has made it possible through many media platforms for their customers to reach them.

Reaching the customer service representative makes it possible for you to fix errors, make payments, change package, rent a movie, check balance, and more.

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Are you part of those that need an answer to any of the following questions?

How do I clear DStv error codes?
How do I change my DStv package online?
How do I know my DStv number?
How do I contact DStv Price Lock?
How do I register my DStv Mobile?
How do I check my DStv balance?

Then you should know that the customer service representative can give you the accurate answers and that is why I have prepared this article to help you connect to the Platform’s representative without stress.

The easy part of it is that you can contact the platform using any medium of your choice like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, phone call, etc. I will be showing you how to go about it as you read on.

DStv Nigeria Customer Care Line

Contact DStv Nigeria customer service using any method below.


If you don’t have a Facebook account yet, simply create one very fast by reading this Facebook For Beginners Sign Up article that has been prepared just for you.

Contact DStv on Facebook at DStv@dstvng


You can contact DStv on @DStv.


To get started with DStv Whatsapp, you can simply save their Whatsapp number on your mobile device so that you can easily start a chat with them anytime the need arises.

DStv Whatsapp number is +234 908 236 8533. After saving it to your contact, make sure you have your smartcard number and surname ready. Then say “Hi” and follow prompts.


You can simply dial *288# on your mobile phone to check what you owe, clear error codes, view your last four transactions, transfer funds between your accounts and reconnect packages.

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Phone Call

You can put a call through to DStv customer representative, and trust me when I say you will definitely speak with a real person.

Simply call 08039003788

DStv DIY (Do It Yourself) App | Download MyDStv App

As a DStv customer, you can manage your DStv account when your download MyDStv app on your mobile. With the app, you can always Do It Yourself (DIY).

You can manage your viewing from any location, clear error codes, see how much you owe, make a payment, change your package or update your details anywhere, anytime. All you have to do is to download the mobile app which is FREE to download.

Simply click on your mobile store type below to download MyDStv app.

Feel free to use the comment box below for any question or recommendation on this method to Contact DStv Service | DStv Nigeria Customer Care Line, and will be here to respond to you.


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