How To Change Facebook Profile Name & FB Page Name

We understand that most of you have been asking or searching online about “How Do I Change My Facebook Profile Name” or “How To Change Facebook Profile Name” which is still the same. And believe me when I say that to change your name on Facebook on a computer or Mobile phone is very much possible.

Now, before looking for how to change your facebook profile name, I will really like you to understand what FB user name or Facebook Profile Name is really all about because one can have two kinds of name which are

1. A profile name on Facebook Page (This kind of page are is mostly for Fans, Groups, and business)

2. Facebook Account profile Name (This is the one that is generally known as FB Profile and that is widely used as an individual)

So these are two kinds of Facebook profile names you have and with this understand, I believe your problem is probably the second one which is the personal Facebook Account.

However, How to Change Your Name on Facebook Account should really not be a problem at all because we (LegitRoom.com) have taken out time here today in telling you what you really need to know about that.

First thing first, before looking for How to change an FB Profile name, it is also best you take a looking at the requirements to Change FB Account Name Fast. So check it out below.

Needed Requirements To Change Your Name On Facebook (Profile & Page)

Now trust me when I say that much is really not required from you as long as you have been having access to access any online account (To log in Online Dating sites or other social media account).

So in other to change your Profile Name, below are what you must make sure to have first.

1. Your Email Address or Phone Number and Password that you use in logging in your Facebook account.

2. Strong internet connectivity (Data connection) to access your FB.com Account both on a computer or the Downloaded Facebook Mobile App.

3. Most importantly, the Facebook Official Site to Login your Account which is www.facebook.com if you are not using the mobile app but Web Address.

That is it. These are the most important things you must make sure to know or make availability of before searching online for How To Change FB Profile Name & FB Page Name.

How To Change Facebook Profile Name On A Computer?

There is ONE (1) Normal Way To Change Name on Facebook Account and this normal way is very easy if this is your FIRST TIME CHANGING YOUR FB PROFILE NAME. And these steps are as followed:

STEP 1 – Log in with your Email Address or Phone Number and Password of the Facebook account you want to change the name via the Facebook Official Portal at www.facebook.com or www.fb.com.

STEP 2 – Once you are logged in to your account then click on the triangle icon visible at the top right of Facebook and you will then see a drop-down list will appear and select the Settings option.

STEP 3 – The next page that will appear is Now the General settings will appear. How To Change Facebook Profile Name On A Computer

1. Then click on the Edit option for name.

2. As the Box drop-down which is the space you have been looking for, then Enter your name and click Review Change.

3. Enter your password and click on Save Changes.

STEP 4 – This step 4 is just very simple, and that this to tell you that after which you click on the “Save Change”, you are done.

So this is how you can do this with your computer. However, let also quickly check below to see how it can also be done by using the Mobile Phone which is the Facebook App.

How To Change Name On Facebook Mobile App.

First of all, I believed you might have already downloaded the App on your mobile phone but if not then you just have to VISIT HERE to learn How to Download FB Mobile App

So once you have successfully downloaded and installed the app, then you will be automatically logged in. But if in case you are not then you will have to:

STEP 1 – Tap or open the Facebook app on your smartphone and log in your account with your Email Address or Phone Number and Password.

STEP 2 – Click or Tap on the “three straight lines” at the extremeHow To Change Name On Facebook Mobile App

STEP 3 – Now scroll down where you can see Settings & Privacy, then it will open, also click on the settings below the Settings & Privacy.Facebook Settings & Privacy

STEP 4 – Now in this next page, you will see Account Settings, Under it you will also see Personal Information, Translation of post, and Payment. Just click on the Personal InformationFB Personal Information Setting

STEP 5 – Once you click on the personal information, then it will open and you will then see Name, Email address, Phone Number, Identity Confirmation, and Manage Account. All you just need to do is to click on the “NameChange Facebook Name

STEP 6 – After which you click on the name, it will then lead to a page where you can change your FB Name by typing in the name you want to change. How Do I Change My Facebook Profile Name

STEP 7 – Finally, click on Review change and then click on save the change and your name will be changed.

So these are how one can change his/her FB name both on a computer and mobile phone which is the App.

NOTE: You can only change your name every 60 days. So this means that now your name is changed, the next time you can possibly do it again in the next two (2) Months.

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Just in case you also want to learn how to change your Facebook Page name, then you can as well quickly check below for that too.

How To Change Facebook Page Name.

Now, before I proceed in showing you this, you will first have to understand that every page can’t really be changed on Facebook. previously, if you have up to 100 likes then it increased to 200 then it can be changed.

But this is not down like that again. Currently, Facebook pages required an application form like 0, so you will need to submit a request to Facebook for a change in the name of your page and this is how is done below:

  • Open your Facebook page for which you want a new name.
  • Then Click On About Section visible on the left sidebar just below the profile picture.
  • Now Page Info will visible, and there is 2nd option for Name.
  • Then you will see the Name section and click Edit.
  • Now Add New Name and then click on the continue button to proceed with the request.

So this is how you can change your FB Page on facebook

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Nevertheless, You can as well Use the comment section below in asking any of your questions or dropping your opinion about Changing your Profile Name on Mobile App or Computer.


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