Step-by-Step Guide On Gmail Registration & Login For Email Services

A Single Username and password gets you into anything owned by Google, But have you wondered how you can get that single Username and Password? Well, here is an article that will carefully teach you the easy step-by-step guide on Gmail Registration to get the login details that you need to access Google products. Gmail is one Right email Provider that makes sure you enjoy Sending and receiving email without issues and also do every other activity concerning mailing services.

To create your Googe account, you should know that it is not difficult. It’s what you can do by yourself as long as you have a good internet connected Device and the Requirements Which we will list for you in this article.

There are Lots of things you can do with your Gmail Account, which indeed is really helpful in many areas, Take a Look at them below.

What Can One Use Gmail Account For?

It’s an email Account and because of that, you really need them mostly Online and Offline. When you create a Gmail Account, You can do the following;

  1. Sign in to Gmail and other Google products like YouTube, Google Play, and Google Drive.
  2. Use the Email Address to create a Social Network Like Facebook, Instagram Account and more
  3. Use your Created Email To fill a Profession CV
  4. Send and Receive Email Messages from Friends, Family and other Platform that you might have Signed Up With
  5. You can Receive Your Bank Statement Via Email

The aforementioned activities and more you will be able to do When you have an Email Account.

Requirements To Open Gmail Account

With a Good internet connected Device, You will need the following in order to get your Gmail Account Up on the Email Provider Service.

  • Your Name
  • Your Mobile Phone Number

Features Of Gmail Account

Gmail Features all work for the best of Email Service and for your comfort.

  • Easy to use
  • Simple Layout
  • Email Organizer
  • Fast
  • View Upcoming Events
  • Snooze
  • Secure
  • Archive Emails and more

Gmail Registration Guide

Follow the Steps given below to create your Gmail Account with ease.

  1. Go to Gmail Account Creation Page
  2. Provide your First Name and Last Name
  3. Enter your Username (here is how you want your Email Address to appear. NOTE – You won’t get a username, if the one you entered is already taken, or is similar to an existing username, or the same with the one that someone has used and deleted before, or reserved by Google to prevent spam or abuse)
  4. Create and confirm a Password
  5. Then Click NEXTGmail Registration Form
  6. On the Next Page, Verify your Phone Number – Enter your Mobile Number and Click on next (make sure to input your correct number has google will send a 6-digit verification code)
  7. Enter the 6-digit Pin Sent to your Mobile Phone Number and Click on VERIFY

So this is the simple steps you need to start sending a message to Yahoo Email, Outlook Mail, Yandex Mail, also Gmail and Others

Gmail Account Login

Before you can do anything on the Email Service Provider, i.e Send Messages, read email messages, manage your account and more, You must first Sign in to your Account.

Now, Recall that with A Single Username and password (Login Details) you can get into anything owned by Google And the basic steps on how you go about it have been given below.

  • Go To www.gmail.com
  • In the Space Provided, Enter your Email Address or Phone Number
  • Click NEXT, Then Enter your Password and Click Sign In to access your account

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Gmail Mobile App Download

With Gmail App, you can log in to anything Google, anytime and anywhere. The App can be downloaded from your Mobile Store for FREE and When Downloaded you can take the Steps we gave above to Sign In and even to create a new Gmail Account can be done via the App.

Gmail Apk Now comes with new Features that you will love, Some of the Features are listed below;

— Easily Change You Inbox View

— Open Attachments From the Homepage

— Self Destructing Emails

— Supports offline

— Custom Swipe Gestures

Hope this Guide on Gmail Registration is Simple? Feel Free to Let us know what you think by using the COMMENT BOX Below. Also, Share this article on your Social Media Account so that others can still know about it.


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