Gmail Password Requirements For A Secure Email Account

A strong password is what you need if you want to secure your Email Account. When it comes to Creating a Gmail account, there are some requirements you need in your password creation to make your account unbreakable by hackers or third parties. This is an article on Gmail Password Requirements that should help you choose the right password, simply read it carefully to get the key points.

Whether you want to Create a New Gmail Account or you already have an account with the email provider service before, You can make your password Stronger for new Gmail account and also, you can change your password after going through this article to make your account more secure.

Remember, Your Google Account password is the same password you use for all other Google products like Gmail and youtube, So it is good to follow the right requirements in order to keep it secure across all platforms.

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It is necessary to create a strong password in order to achieve the following:

  • Protect your Emails, Contents and other files Online
  • Prevent Hackers or third parties from getting into your account
  • Keep your personal information safe

Gmail Password Requirements

– Create a password using eight (8) or more characters, You can make it a combination of letters, symbols, and numbers (ASCII characters).

– You can not and should not use a Password that is weak like YourName123 and avoid Passwords that you’ve used before. Also, Don’t start or end your password with a blank space.

Tips To Make A Good And Secure Password

Let us show you what it is to make a good and secure password, but before then you should now that a strong password can be memorable but difficult for a third party to comprehend

1) Make Your Password Unique

Use a different Password for your different online account like Email, Online Banking, Social Media Accounts Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. By so doing, it will be impossible for someone to break into all your accounts if they can even know one of your password.

2) Make your Password Longer and Memorable

This is where your brain has to work very fast. The Password you want to use, make sure it is Long and you can easily memorize it.

Long Password are stronger and you can get them from a book passage, Series of words that are meaningful to you, an abbreviation, a lyric from a song you know or a poem you’ve read.Avoid Password that people can easily guess or Know.

3) Use a Mixture of Letters, Numbers, and Symbols

When it is a mixture like this, People find it very hard to guess. So make sure you use a mixture of letters, numbers, and symbols that you can easily recall whenever you want to log in to your accounts.

Use Capital Letters (Uppercase) mixed with Small letters (Lowercase) and numbers and also, symbols E.g [email protected]#.

4) Avoid using your Personal information and common Words & Figures

Information like your name, date of birth should be avoided when you want to create a Strong password. Also common and popular words like Password, iamback, letters etc should be avoided. Do not your 1234, 0000 and the likes of them, they are too common for people to guess.

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