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Gmail has become one of the most used email services around the world and in almost every activity you go through in life, an email is required. Gmail is very paramount especially in this digital world and in this article, you will learn the simple steps to Gmail New Sign Up.

With Gmail, you can get messages from the sender or receive bank alerts especially if the network is bad i.e if you gave your email address to your bank for your transaction updates, If you want to create a Gmail account in just a few simple steps you can create it as the steps have been simplified in this article.

Gmail is a product of Google and as a result of that, when you have a Google account, then you are good to go with Gmail email provider service.

To create a Gmail account you need to provide some vital information like your name, birth date, gender, and many more. You can as well decide to even choose a name for your new Gmail i.e a nickname or any other name you want apart from your name. But preferably, I will advise you to use your real name.

If you adhere to the basics steps given here, then you will become a Gmail email owner immediately.

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Gmail Password Requirements For New Account

  • Your password should be eight (8) or more characters
  • Make it a combination of letters, symbols, and numbers (ASCII characters).

You can not and should not use a Password that is weak like YourName123 and avoid Passwords that you’ve used before. Also, Don’t start or end your password with a blank space.

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Gmail Account Creation: Gmail New Sign Up

Follow the steps below to create your Gmail account and start sending and receiving emails with ease.

  • Visit the Google account creation page at www.accounts.google.com
  • You will see a box where they will instruct you to click on Create account.
  • Then a sign-up form will appear. Enter your first name and last name.
  • Choose a Username for your account and enter a password. You will be asked to type the password again to confirm. (As per Google’s instruction always use 8 and above characters with a mix of letters, symbols, and numbers)
  • Tap on “Next”. And on the next page enter your phone number to verify your account. (Note: It is a two-step verification process for security)Gmail Account Creation: Gmail Register - Gmail New Sign Up
  • You will receive a text message from Google with a verification code on the mobile phone number you provided, enter the verification code, and tap on “Verify”
  • On the next page, enter your DOB (date of birth) in the specified fields and choose a gender e.g male or female.
  • Tap on “Next” and read Google’s terms of service and privacy policy and click on I agree.

Congratulations! your account has been created. From now onwards every time you sign in you just have to enter your email id and password without stress and you will be taken to your account. You can visit www.mail.gmail.com to login to your account

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NOTE: Every time you sign-in don’t forget to sign out after using the platform so as to prevent others from viewing your email messages.

With these simple steps on Gmail New Sign Up given above, your email will be up and running and you can give out your email address to people or companies, even social networks to be able to send you an email message.

However, if you have any questions about this article, feel free to use the comment box below. Also, share this article on your social media account so that others will know about it.


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