Fitbit Login With Email Address, Facebook, Google Account

Do you know that you can live a healthier life with Fitbit when you take the Fitbit Login steps to access your dashboard and track all your day-to-day activities, workouts, sleep, and more? Well, if you already have a Fitbit account, then in this article I am going to teach you on the basic steps to access your account with ease.

This article will teach you on the basic steps in using your registered email address, Facebook, or even Google account to sign in to your Fitbit Dashboard provided you have an account on the platform or on the mentioned social media platforms.

At Fitbit, health and fitness come first and access to the platform is one right way to get started. The platform also makes it possible for you to get the Fitbit products without stress. When you sign in to your Fitbit account, its just all-day activity for you to stay fit.

From the Fitbit dashboard, you can do the following and more;

  • Exercise Tracking.
  • 24/7 Heart Rate Tracking.
  • Sleep Tracking & Tools.
  • Nutrition & Weight.
  • Motivation & Friends.

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The platform has its way of motivating you and also, you can meet with other people on the same course as you and probably chat to know each other better. But before all these and many more can be enjoyed, you must first have an account and able to sign in to that account.

Fitbit Sign Up (www.fitbit.com Registration)

For those of you that have not registered yet, simply use the steps below to do so in order to obtain your login details to access the platform.

  • Go to www.fitbit.com and click on the human icon at the top right side of the page.
  • Select the “sign-up” link at the bottom of the login page and enter your email address and choose your password in the appropriate field.
  • Check (√) the box to agree to the terms of service and click on Join Fitbit

Alternatively, click on Continue With Facebook or Continue With Google and follow on-screen instructions to Sign up using any of the platforms.

Steps To Fitbit Login

Here, I am going to give you the steps under different methods to sign in to your Fitbit.com account dashboard.

Sign In With Registered Email Address

  • Go to www.fitbit.com and click on the human icon at the top right side of the page.
  • In the space provided, enter your email address (this is the email you used in signing up on Fitbit) and password.
  • Then click on Login to access the Fitbit dashboard.

Sign In Using Your Facebook Account

Note: Fitbit will receive your Facebook name, profile picture, and email address if you want to use this method to access the platform.

  • Visit www.fitbit.com and click on the human icon at the top right side of the page.
  • Then click on the “Continue With Facebook” link and you will be directed to the Facebook login page.
  • On the page, enter your Facebook email address or phone number and password.
  • Click on login and click on Continue_as [YourName] to access the Fitbit dashboard using your Facebook account.

Sign In Using Your Google Account

  • Click on the human icon at the top right side of the page after visiting www.fitbit.com and it will take you to the login page.
  • On the page, click on the “Continue With Google” button and you will be directed to Google Sign-in page.
  • Enter your Google registered email address or phone number and click on next.
  • Then enter your Google password to access the Fitbit.com dashboard.

Any of the methods above, when taken properly, will take you to the Fitbit dashboard where you can carry out healthy activities and keep track of them.

Fitbit is on a mission to empower and inspire you to live a healthier and more active life. The platform design products and experiences that fit seamlessly into your life so you can achieve your health and fitness goals, whatever they may be. Taking the steps given above is just one right way to get started.

Fitbit Mobile App Download

If you want to track your health activity anywhere and at any time, then its a privilege to let you know that Fitbit has a mobile app suitable for Android and iOS devices, and you can download for free.

With the app, you can quickly log in to use the platform even when you are on the go. To download the Fitbit app on your mobile device, simply click on your mobile supported store below for quick download.

You can also visit the official website at www.fitbit.com to download the app without stress.

Fitbit Support Phone Number

If you want to speak with a real person in order to tackle any issue that might arise when it comes to Fitbit, all you have to do is to call (877) 623-4997

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