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Facebook Shop: How to Create Facebook Shop Page Free

Few days ago, will took our time here in showing you how you can proceed to make use of the FACEBOOK AVATAR which most of you really like so much. But here today, I will also be showing you about the FACEBOOK SHOPS and How to Create Facebook Shop Page For Free.

Facebook Shops

You might be wondering about this, but then, Facebook Shops is where you can advertise your products, brands, and businesses. If I must say, this FB Shop is mostly for many people who are into businesses do not know that they can sell their products on Facebook shop.

With your Facebook Shop, you can easily set up your single online store for customers to access on both Facebook and Instagram. The amazing part here is that these shops is been created for free.

Facebook Shops Features You Must Know

Like you already that this FB Shops well help you bring the right customers as long as your business is online with Facebook regardless of the size. So check out the features below.

01) With Facebook Shop, you can connect and communicate with customers through the page directly wherever and whenever it’s convenient for them.

02) FB Shop helps you to put your products in good collections and categories with there theme shop platform.

03) As the FB Shop help you to add an unlimited number of products, you can also see their stats on your sales, visits, clicks, and more.

04) Once you own a Shop with Facebook, then you can as well get your products appearing in Facebook Marketplace, giving you access to a much larger base of potential customers.

So this is the benefit you are to enjoy with this Facebook shop. Please, quickly check below to see the requirements needed to create your account.

Requirement Needed To Build a Selling Facebook Shop

Selling Facebook Shop is easy to build. but then you need to understand first that anyone can as well create this shop we are talking about. But building a standard shop is what will keep your shop outstanding to others. So below are what you need to Create New Facebook Shop.

01) You will need a Facebook Account of your own

02) With your Facebook account, you will also have to create a Business Page

03) Number 01 and 02 are the most important but then you will need physical items of your product.

04) You will also need to make sure that you have your payment details ready like your Credit Card for payment and others.

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So this is what is required of you in other to create this account. So without taking much of the time here in this post today, you can quickly check below to see how you can proceed to create your FB.com Shop now.

How to Create Facebook Shop Page For Free

First thing first, you will have to understand that you need to be a Facebook member before you can proceed to create a shop. So if you are yet to Sign Up A Facebook Profile/Account, then CLICK HERE to do just that quickly.FACEBOOK SHOP: How to Create Facebook Shop Page Free

01) Once you are done creating your FB profile, then proceed to your Facebook Page and configure the Shop page.

02) You will be asked to Set up your shop details, also proceed in doing just that.

03) Next, you will have to configure your payments by setting up your Card/Account details

04) After that is done, then you will have to add products to your Facebook store as the Fb Shop platform help you with the collections and categories you want it to be.

05) Finally, once you have successfully set up all the above details, then you can start managing your orders.

At this point, you are done with it. Remember that you can always use the comment section below in asking any of your questions too for more help from us LegitRoom.com Team


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