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Facebook Avatar Not Working For Me on Android Phone, iPhone, iPad, iOS

Problem(s) will always remain a problem until you find the right solution. We understand that most users of Facebook have been saying Facebook Avatar Not Working For Me, and then asking for the solution (Answers) to fix the problem.

A complaint like Facebook avatar not working, Facebook avatar not working UK, Facebook avatar not working on android phone and more is also trending but then the good news here is that I will be showing you how you can fix that.

Facebook Avatar Not Working For Me

Over millions of Facebook users across the world are now enjoying using their Cartoon versions following the launch of FACEBOOK AVATAR and for you not to be among them, then there should be something you may not be doing right or YET TO KNOW. which I will be showing you all that.

Like you should know already that the Facebook avatar is a Bitmoji-like feature added recently by Facebook to make Imoji of your self which you can as well use your Facebook avatar on other social media platforms like Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram as stickers.

List of 4 Problems Why Facebook Avatar Not Working and What You Should Do

First of all, I want to start by telling you that if you are not up to 18 years old, then you are not qualified to use the feature to Create Facebook Avatar for Facebook App and Messenger in 2 minutes. However, below is a list of other problems and Answers.

01) Possible Problem:  Facebook Avatar Maker App may not be available in your country yet.

ANSWER: This should be the very first problem of 73% of Facebook users. Facebook team has made it clear that the avatar is going to be made available to all Facebook users across the world but it will come in Phases. For now, Facebook Avatar is only available in Europe, Australia, NewZealand, Canada, and the USA.

02) Possible Problem: You are not using a mobile device

ANSWER: While future updates of the Facebook avatar can be made available for every device, the current Facebook avatar is only available on mobile devices, both Android and iOS.

03) Possible Problem: Your Facebook App may not be up to date.

ANSWER: In this case is just very simple, all you just need to do here is to update your Facebook app to the latest version and try again, hopefully, you will be among those enjoying this amazing feature.

04) Possible Problem: You may not know where to look and how to access your Facebook avatar creator.

ANSWER: We have taken out time in showing you guys this in our previous post which you can see here(How Do I Set Up Facebook Dating Profile), but then there are three possible things you can do, quickly check it out below

a) Use Older Messages or Comments.

    • Open your last message and tap on the smiley face seen in the comment bar.
    • Once it opens stickers.
    • Click on what looks like the Angry Bird found at the bottom towards the left.
    • This will open the Facebook Avatar creator.

b) Use the “Feeling/Activity/Stickers” tab.

    • Go to your stickers by clicking on the “Feeling/Activity/Stickers“.
    • Click on Stickers.
    • select the “purple face” and this could allow you to customize your Facebook Cartoon character or Facebook Avatar.

c) Go to bookmarks and look for Avatars under “see more”.


If In any way you already followed the above 4 steps and still cannot find the Facebook avatar maker to solve your “Facebook avatar not working For Me” complaints, it is possible that Avatars have not yet been rolled out to your account. All you need is to relax and be a little more patient for the update to arrive in your Facebook account.


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