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Facebook Avatar Maker Free 2020: Create Facebook Avatar | #Facebookavatar | LegitRoom

Want to know all you can about “Facebook Avatar Maker Free 2020” then you are on the right track. Facebook Avatar is a feature that was added to the platform not too long ago and has been making users go crazy. Everyone wants to create their own avatars and have the perks that come with it. Using avatars on the platform is fun and make communication more clear.

Facebook Avatar Maker Free 2020

As the name implies Facebook Avatar Maker is a feature that allows you to make or create your own avatar on the platform. As stated above Facebook avatar was a recent feature that was added and you can use it on Messenger, Facebook comments, and stories. This cartoon Avatar Maker has a lot of variety you can choose from in making your avatars. Having avatars has made emoji look old fashion as you can use your avatars as emoji to tell your feelings or expressions.Facebook Avatar Maker Free 2020: Create Facebook Avatar | #Facebookavatar | LegitRoom

Facebook Avatar Creation

If you still have not gotten aboard the avatar train wagon, creating your very own Facebook avatar is quite simple as long as you are a Facebook user. Here are the guidelines to follow to create your Facebook avatar.

  • First of all, you will need to open the Facebook app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Login to your account if you are not already logged in and click on the menu icon. This are three horizontal
  • lines that you can find on the top of the screen or bottom of the screen depending on your device.
  • From the option provided the menu icon, scroll and click on see more.
  • There you will see the Facebook Avatar Maker labeled as AVATARS.
  • Click on it and proceed to create your Avatar.

In the process of creating your avatar app, you will have to customize the features by selecting eye color, skin tone, outfits, accessories, and much more to get your desired effect. You can use your avatar in comments and stories.

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Create My Facebook Avatar Desktop or iPads

Now we have mostly done Facebook avatars on our smartphones using the Facebook app. But what about those who use Facebook on desktop computers or on iPads. Well here are extensive details to make sure you are not missing out on the fun. A Facebook spoke person has confirmed that it is not possible to create an Avatar on a desktop computer, tablet, or iPads. So you can only create it on a mobile phone, which is a bummer as a lot of users don’t have smartphones or have deleted the app from their phones to avoid the temptation of having it at there fingertips or because of privacy concerns. Also unfortunate is that the company has not decided to release its plan for the non-mobile platforms.

Facebook Avatar Setup

Though not all bad news as once you have created an Avatar on the mobile platform you can use it to send comments and stickers on desktop. Since you can use it on desktop you might want to install the app create it and delete it from your device once you have created your avatar.

Different Methods to Create Facebook Avatar

Now Facebook shared some amazing ways in which you can create your Avatar on your smartphone using the mobile app. So here is how.

  • Using avatar post. You will have to click on the try it button on an Avatar post to create yours.
  • Using avatar sticker. Just tap on an Avatar sticker that was shared by a friend and you are good to go.
  • Using the menu option (the details are listed above). Which is the most common method to use.
  • Using the comment composer. To create or edit an Avatar just go to Facebook or messenger and click on the comment box. Write a comment, click on the smiley face icon and click on make your avatar to get started.

Any existing avatar can be edited from your Facebook profile, comment compare, through the menu option, and avatar stickers. Also, avatar creation Messenger is currently of Android but will soon be added to iOS platforms. So have fun with your avatars on the platform.

How to Download The Facebook App on an Android or iOS Device

You don’t have the app and want to join in on the fun here is how you can download the app into your Android or iOS device.

  • Make sure to have an internet connection and have it turned on.
  • Visit the Google play store or the Apple app store and search for Facebook.
  • Click on the Facebook app and click on install.
  • The app will begin downloading immediately.

Once the Download has been completed the app will be installed into your device, log in, and create your Avatar. Also, note although their other places you can download the Facebook app online it is better to use the app store associated with your device.


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