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Facebook Avatar Creator App Update – Make Your Very Own FB Avatar

I have come to our notice that most of the Facebook Avatar user has also been looking for how to How to Edit Facebook Avatar following the Facebook Avatar Creator App Update that has made most people asking How to Use Facebook Avatar on iOS Devices, How to Use Facebook Avatar on Android Devices, etc.

Facebook Avatar Creator App Update

Facebook Avatar Maker App Update was recently released in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand late last year. Since then most people have been seeing it to me Facebook’s own variation of Bitmoji.

This Facebook Avatar Creator Feature allows you to fully customize your personal avatar which you could use for any purpose. and this has been the basic advantage of this feature.

Like you must have seen other people’s profile picture to be avatar; so you can also do yours only if you love the concept. So just in profile pic, but also you can make use of this avatar in the comments or text section within the platform.

Just like my friend in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand will always tell me whenever I go for a visit that if I am not making use of the avatar features then surely have been missing out on a great deal of fun. So the same thing goes to you too.

How to Use the Free Facebook Avatar Creator App Update

Following our understanding, we find out that most people think there is a special avatar creator app that lets you create an avatar for Facebook simply because of the almost sudden rollout of this feature to the general public.

But then, the GOOD NEWS here is that there is no such space Facebook App to create your own avatar. It might even interest you to know that it Is a piece of good news since the avatar creator feature is embedded into the Facebook official app. So that means you already have the feature on your app but you never know how it can be used.

So with this understanding that you can create your very own avatars directly from the Facebook app every other person is as well using. And you do not need an external app for you to begin creating your avatar, I will be quickly showing you how is been done.

Regardless of the good news that you really do not need a space app in other to create yours, I will then have to tell you that you MUST be a registered member on Facebook.com web or FB App before you can also enjoy these features. So with that understanding, you can quickly check below to see how you can create your account if you are yet to create one before now.

Easy Guide For Facebook Account Registration to Use Facebook Avatar

Trust me when I say we say this coming, and that is why we have taken out time in most of our previous post in showing How To Sign Up Free Facebook Profile In 5 Mint, You can use the below link in checking it out now:

HERE YOU GO: Getting Started With FB.com | Facebook For Beginners Sign Up

So with this above link, you can easily Create A New Facebook Account for Free. Also, you will also have to learn How To Login FB Account.

Fast Guide For Facebook Login to Use Facebook Avatar

As long as you have successfully created your FB Account with either on www.facebook.com‘s official Page or via the Facebook Mobile App, then you can use your account details to login with the below guide.

01) Go to the platform official website or launch any of its apps.

02) On the welcome screen, you should see the login section.

03) Enter your account login details into the login section and tap on the “Log In” button.

NOTE: If you already lost your account login details (username, email address or phone number and password you used in creating the account) or if you forgot your account password, you could simply recover it by tapping on the “Forgot Password?” link.

How To Create Facebook Avatar Of Your Own

It is just very simple, first of all, You will have to download the Facebook App to your Device, meanwhile, in making thing easy for you, you can quickly use the link below in download your today. After that, you can then proceed with the below guide.

LEARN HOW TO DOWNLOAD FRIST: Facebook Avatar App | Facebook Avatar App Download on Androids & iOS

  • Launch the Facebook official app you just downloaded on your device.
  • Log in to your account if you are not already logged in ad tap on the menu icon.
  • From the menu section, scroll down and tap on the “See More” icon.
  • Select “Avatars” from the dropdown and tap on the “Next” button.
  • Now tap on the “Get Started” button and choose a skin tone that best describes you or your taste.
  • Tap on the “Next” icon and go through to the customization section. In this section, you would be customizing virtually almost every detail. There is a face section for facial lines and complexion if you decide you want to get down to extreme details. Note; there is a camera icon at the top of the customization section that will open your device front-facing camera just in case you want the avatar to look like you and you really don’t have a clue what you look like.
  • After completely customizing your avatar and you are satisfied with what you have created, tap on the checkmark at the top right corner of the screen.
  • When the next screen has loaded, tap on the “Next” button.
  • Finally hit the “Done button and you have successfully created your new very own Facebook Avatar.

So that is just it, you can now check below to also learn how you can make use of your new Facebook Avatar you just finished creating.

How to Make Facebook Avatar your Profile Picture

In other to make your Facebook avatar your FB profile picture, quickly follow the process below:Facebook Avatar Creator App Update

01) Create your avatar following the steps listed above.

02) The moment the avatar has been created, locate at the top right side of the page the share icon which looks like an arrow and tap on it.

03) Select whether you want to use it as your Facebook profile picture or share it on your newsfeed.

04) Hit the “Share” button once again and that is it.

Congratulations as you have successfully made your Facebook avatar your Facebook profile picture or even post it on your newsfeed. Meanwhile, you can as well check below to see how you can edit it any time you wish to.

How to Edit a Facebook Avatar

To Edit your Facebook avatar below is what you need do:

01) Get to the text screen or try making a comment.

02) Tap on the sticker icon and locate your avatar.

03) Tap on the pencil icon on your avatar to begin making the desired changes.

04) Finally, tap “Next” and then the “Done” button.

You should be able to successfully edit and customize your Facebook avatar with the information above, but then remember that ability to create multiple avatars is available on the platform.


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