DSTV Reset Number – How To Reset DSTV After Payment In South Africa

DSTV Reset Number - How To Reset DSTV After Payment In South Africa

DSTV Reset Number – How To Reset DSTV After Payment In South Africa


Do you really know that it’s very simple to reset your DSTV after you have made your payment especially if you leave in south Africa? well, it’s a good thing you are here reading this article which teaches you how to know your DSTV Reset Number and Reset DSTV After Payment depending on the part of African country you are. Also learn about other vital information as regards the use of DSTV, as you read further to the end of this post including the different ways ( method) of resetting your decoder.


The Digital Satellite Television ( DSTV) is a South African based satellite Cable TV with a very large population of people all over African countries who enjoy this cable satellite TV due to the numerous channels they offer and it is very convenient to use because DSTV has a very reliable customer care service and they also offer self-service to their customers  for a more convenient use without stressful but sometimes too, some errors occur but this article teaches you to tackle it.

You can make DSTV subscription payment in different ways such as global pay, e Transact, Pay U, Page e Pay, Easy Money, Quick Teller, or even in the bank. In some cases, after your subscription payment, you might find out that some Chanel s is missing but not to worry about that when you experience that, know why? because you can actually use the DSTV self at the comfort of your home to reset your decoder and get all your Chanel s back without any interruptions.

What Is The Reason For My Missing DSTV Channels?

There is more than one reason why some of your Channels go missing after your DSTV subscription which you will be finding out here. When you make your payment after the subscription has fully expired, it can cause the missing Channels or when you do not plug in your device into your device before any command is sent to your decoder and this is why it is advisable to follow the right procedure while renewing your subscription to avoid any occurring issues but if it happens anyway, there are many ways to reset and enjoy all the Channels.

How To Reset DSTV After Payment In South Africa

Of course  from time to time, DSTV users experience some error displaying on their TV screen but when that happens, there is no cause  for alarm cos with the step guide we have her for you, you can very easily reset your decoder and have your DSTV channels work properly after you renew your subscription payment or any other questionable problem or error.

Thank God that payment information now propagates much faster than some years back when it was a serious issue. For me, sometimes after I renewed my subscription, it didn’t take more than a Minuit before all the channel starts showing but on the other hand, there are also times when I had to wait for close to an hour before the channels appear.

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Check out below for the different methods you can use to reset your DSTV decoder but before you go ahead with any of the steps we have here for you, make sure your decoder is on and that the smart-card is inside then following these instructions belowDSTV Reset Number - How To Reset DSTV After Payment In South Africa

The DSTV Reset Number For African Countries

The Digital Satellite Television ( DSTV) a South African based satellite Cable TV-like said earlier here, covers many other African countries. Below are the code numbers which DSTV customers can use to reset their decoder and the particular number used depends on the country you are based so check out below for your country’s reset number

  • Liberia:  1270
  • Kenya: 22788
  • Nigeria: 30333
  • Ethiopia: 8881
  • Tanzania: 15727
  • Malawi: 53788
  • Angola: 43788
  • Zimbabwe: 33788
  • Botswana: 1771
  • Namibia: 3788

How To Reset Your DSTV After Payment In South Africa

If you are in South Africa and there is a need for you to reset your DSTV decoder after payment online, here is the simple and easy step to do so. Check it out below

  • Visit the DSTV self-service portal using your web browser
  • Go to https://www.dstv.co.za/self-service
  • Further scroll to the area of fix error
  • Then select error Mobile rest
  • Enter your smart-card number in the space provided
  • Also, enter your surname

So that is just it, you can now reset your DSTV whenever you want to.

How To Reset Your DSTV Decoder By SMS

If after payment, you choose to reset your decoder by using SMS, you can proceed by following this instruction

  • Make sure your smartphone is switched on
  • Go to your message box and type” RESET+ Smart-card Number to 30333( without quotes) if you are in Nigeria
  • Or
  • Type RE DSTV + Your Smart-card number
  • A message will be sent to your phone for confirmation
  • Once you confirm the number, that’s it

This is how it can also be done via SMS. Lastly, check below to see how you can as well do this online and Manually.

How To Reset Your DSTV Online

  • Visit DStv selfcare portal for fixing errors
  • Enter your smart-card number
  • Select E16 error
  • Enter your RECAPTCHA  text and then click on Fix error and in a very short while, all your channels will start showing

That is it. You can Now Reset DSTV After Payment In South Africa

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Simple Step On How To Reset Your Decoder Manually

  • You can do this by holding both the reset and the standby button  at the same time
  • after  the letters, DL will appear on the display panel, just press and hold TV/audio and the p+ button at the same time
  • Do that until a massage that reads Done appears on the display panel
  • Then your decoder will automatically be reset after you make payment
  • You must NOTE that the Explora decoder does not have those buttons

For any further questions or suggestions about how to reset your DSTV decoder related issues, please feel free to use the Comment section below here. Don’t forget to hit the LIKE button and SHARE this post on your social media platforms to help other friends who might be having issues on how or where to get the  DSTV Reset Number and Reset DSTV After Payment In South Africa, as you never can tell how many people needs this information.


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