How To Download Whatsapp Messenger Latest Version On Android

In different countries today, over a million people use Whatsapp social media to communicate and keep in touch with their friends and relatives any time, anywhere as long as there is network coverage where they are. Here on this article, we LegitRoom.com will teach you all the necessary steps you need for How To Download Whatsapp Messenger Latest Version On Android.

Whatsapp Messenger allows you to place a call across to friends and family, even to send and receive messages, PHOTOS, Videos and also VOICE messages. To Download Whatsapp is absolutely FREE and fast, it is available always and has been tested to be Virus Free. you must know that Whatsapp is not only available in androids.

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It is also available in other platforms like iPhones, Mac, Windows phone, and any other smartphone. Although it’s free to download, it uses Data and needs your internet connection to keep you connected. Your messages and calls on Whatsapp are secured with end-to-end encryption such that no third party can read or listen to them.

There are so many features on Whatsapp which will make you love and enjoy the use of Whatsapp messenger. Some of the features are listed below:-

Features Of Whatsapp Messenger App

Without taking much of the time here, check below to see the brief Whatsapp Messenger Latest Version Download for Android features that you stand the chance to enjoy once you are done with the Download.

  • It is FREE and EASY to Download.
  • Whatsapp Use of DATA is  very little
  • You can use your Face ID or Touch ID to unlock your Whatsapp.
  • Your calls and messages on Whatsapp are very much secured.
  • If you can’t type at the moment, a voice message on WhatsApp will convey your message even better
  • You can send and also receive photos, videos, Animation, and Music.
  • You can now upload pictures, images, and videos On Whatsapp.
  • You can update your STATUS and even WRITE up something nice.
  • Keeps you connected with family and friends from different countries.
  • You can create GROUPS and invite a particular group of family or friends.
  • You can also restore and transfer data to your new phone
  • You can back up your Whatsapp CHATS and Media.

All the features above and more you will enjoy when you Download the latest version of Whatsapp.

You need to back up your chats and media to Google Drive so that if you change your Android Phone or get a new one, your Chats and media can be transferable.

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How To Back Up Your Chats And Media To Google Drive

This is also very important after you are done learning How To Download Whatsapp Messenger Latest Version On Android

  • Open your WhatsApp, then
  • Go to Menu
  • Tap Settings > Chats > Chat Back up
  • Tap Back up
  • Tap Back up to Google Drive to set up a backup frequency.
  • Tap Add Account. If you don’t have a google account set up already.
  • Then tap Back Up Over to choose which of the networks you want to use for your back up.

NOTE: Backing up over a cellular data network will cost you additional data charges.

Restoring Or Transferring Your Data

Once you are able to verify your phone number, Whatsapp will ask you to Restore your chats and media from back up, then tap RESTORE.

Having Problem With BackUp Restoration To Google Drive?

If you are having problems related to Google Drive back up creation, these are things you are to check.

  1. Verify that you added a google account to your phone.
  2. Verify if you have google play services installed on your phone.
  3. If you are trying to back up on cellular data network, ensure you have data for Whatsapp and also google play services. But if you are not sure, then contact your provider service.
  4. Try connecting to another network if you are not able to back up over the network you are using.

Sorry for taking your time all this time, However, you can proceed below to see Android WhatsApp.com Download WhatsApp Steps

How To Download Whatsapp Messenger Latest Version On Android

To DOWNLOAD the latest version of Whatsapp to your android phones, iPhones, Windows phones or any other smartphone,How To Download Whatsapp Messenger Latest Version On Android

  • First of all, you  have to Visit their site @ www.whatsap.com
  • Go to DOWNLOADS as displayed at the top of the screen
  • Select the particular Device you want to use to download WhatsApp e.g ( Android)
  • Then Tap Download Now.

It’s this simple and easy to Download Whatsapp Messenger. When you have successfully done this, you can now enjoy your WhatsApp anytime, anywhere.

Please feel free to share this post on your social media network who knows? There might be someone out there waiting to read this. Also, use the comment box below for any questions or suggestions concerning Whatsapp Download.


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